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Prophetic Dream Volcanic Eruption 4/2/2021

Prophetic Dream Volcanic Eruption in the US 4/2/2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

Last night I had an alarming re-occurring or continuous dream for several hours from 1230am until 530am. I would wake up, fall asleep, and continue the same dream. That RARELY happens for me.

I have had dreams about volcanic eruptions before, and even dreamt about the volcanic eruptions that occurred in Hawaii the summer of 2018. I have also had dreams of hurricanes and weather patterns too, where I saw hurricane Harvey hitting Texas nearly 5 months before it actually occurred.

But this dream not only was constantly re-occurring, but it felt very different than the other dreams and had some symbolic elements to it I also felt very significant.

The dream began with me and several other friends and we were in a house/community near the upper-midpoint of a mountain. I saw schools and communities on this mountain. At the beginning of this dream there was a sense of "ascension" where people where thriving, growing, and a level of prosperity. I initially had a day planned with my friends to travel up the mountain for adventure and fun.

People were going about their day as usual unaware and unexpected of a looming volcanic eruption from this mountain. The mountain began to emit smoke and toxic fumes in which we were then made aware we needed to evacuate as soon as possible before it erupted.

I was not aware of which volcano it was nor was I aware of the exact location but it was clear to me it was in the United States.

As I made my way down the mountain, I saw others beginning to make their evacuation as well, there were a lot of people and the evacuation was moving at a slow pace because of the large amount of people. At first there wasn't any large level of organizational evacuation efforts.

Those who were with me were afraid in which I offered continuous encouragement through faith in Christ.

Before I could make my way off the mountain, on my decent, the mountain began to explosively and violently erupt. I saw massive levels of volcanic rock exploding out of the volcano and traveling through the air on fire. I saw massive levels of lava and magma flowing off the mountain as well. The eruption was a massive level of force and might unlike anything we have ever seen. It reminded me of the Mt. St. Helen eruption.

As the mountain began to erupt more and more people began to evacuate. I also saw animals of all kinds fleeing from the eruption. People began to not only help one another evacuate but also try to help the animals evacuate as well.

I saw turtles, I saw rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals running for help and were going towards people who were evacuating.

Once I had made my decent to the bottom of the mountain many roads were already cut off by flowing lava. I saw there was either a river or a lake which became the only way of escape. People were boarding boats to cross over.

The evacuation reminded me of the Titanic. People were prioritizing the elderly, women, and children for evacuation. And then I recognized people that I personally knew from different areas around the nation who were also evacuating.

I also saw business and business owners - some who were more reluctant to stay and protect their businesses despite the clear evidence that no buildings or people who remained would survive.

Then I woke for the final time and started my day.

I believe this dream, along with others, foretells of coming major volcanic eruptions - not just in the US - but globally. There will be a massive influx of volcanic eruptions both in frequency and severity. As sin progresses in nations and in people, volcanic eruptions will become much more evident, stronger, and more in frequency as Jesus Prophesied there would be according to the end times.


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Unknown member
Apr 02, 2021

It's been a difficult and ugly journey, so I look greatly forward to the Lord breaking in.

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