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5785 Jewish New Year Propheic Message


For the last 4 years, we have been in a series of years called the PEY series, which started in 5780 or 2020. It’s important to understand what has occurred in each of these years to understand why this particular year stands out the greatest in this series. Why?


Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun.”


In other words, since the beginning of time, and no matter where in history you look, and it's recorded throughout the Bible, there is a very particular and specific pattern that occurs throughout every cycle that can be observed. There is an allotted time period, usually within 7 to 10 years. Ancient Israel once operated on a 7-year calendar cycle in a period of 7 sets until a jubilee occurs or the 50th year, and it starts over. This is the basis of the entire prophetic timeline and is where we actually get Daniel's 70-week prophecy. Although Israel no longer observes this system and the Jubilee, it does not change the fact that God still uses it because the Bible tells us that God does not change.


Within this allotted time period or cycle, a specific prophetic pattern can also be observed, and it’s found in every single Prophetic book of the Bible.


1st, a warning or a blessing is given to the people along with several signs and official decrees from God contingent upon their obedience to God.


Second,  in the instance of a warning where sin is present, a judgment or a decree is pronounced over the people, and they are given an allotted time to repent.


3rd, the judgment usually occurs in the form of plague, famine, the sword, and war.


4th The last is the promise, the hope, the blessing, the forgiveness, and salvation.


This pattern has never changed; it repeats itself repeatedly, regardless of nation or season.


To understand the coming year 5785, we need to recap what has occurred so far in these past four years. This will give us the context of what is occurring in this current cycle and help us better appreciate the opportunities approaching this new year.


I’m not going to go into thorough detail on each event and each year, I am simply going to move through and summarize the main basic points to give you a better idea of the overall picture.

5780 (2020): PEY

1. 5780, representing the year 2020, was the first year of the PEY series of years represented by the letter PEY, which also has the numerical value of 80. The letter PEY means “mouth, word, expression, vocalization, speech, and breath.  This particular letter is divinely connected to Israel’s exodus from Egypt, symbolizing liberation and freedom. It is also interesting to note that Moses had a distinctive speech impediment, having difficulty speaking. So this year told us that a new event would take place starting this decade or this cycle and would have a profound connection in relationship to Israel.

In January 2020, this word would almost immediately come to pass as the U.S. proposed a two-state solution that would have divided Israel, nearly giving 70% of Judea to the Palestinians. This act was followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a plague that spread through the mouth, symbolizing God's judgment for the attempted division of Israel.

In addition, the pandemic followed an economic famine, with a historic crash in the stock market leading to massive job layoffs. Some of you guys may, in fact, remember the miles-long lines of cars and people outside of the food banks just trying to get food and feed their families.

We also witnessed horrific violent riots and protests from the BLM and Antifa that destroyed billions of dollars of businesses and property.

Lastly, we also witnessed a loss of power and leadership during the 2020 US Presidential elections, including the temporary loss of leadership in Israel concerning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

#2. 5782: SHIN

2.   5781 (2021): The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter aleph. However, the 21st Hebrew alphabet is the letter SHIN, meaning teeth and an extension of the mouth. Therefore, the significance of this letter is symbolized by a continuation of judgments from 2020, symbolizing the mouth and its extensions in the context of God’s divine judgment. In addition to the plague, there were pandemic-forced mandates, many business closed, millions lost their job, and there was massive government spending, which led to historic inflation.


Also, for the first time since WWI, a massive war broke out over the continent of Europe with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is still persistent today. Therefore, in 5781, the theme of judgment was carried on through various global challenges, reinforcing the significance of “the mouth” and its extensions—the teeth.

#3. 5782 (2022): TAV - BET

2.   The 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter BET, which not only symbolizes a house but also the number 2 also symbolizes division. The best example of this is the division of Israel that resulted from King Solomon's idolatry. Israel was divided between the northern 11 Tribes known as Israel and the remaining Tribe of Judah, which remained in Jerusalem and Judea. In addition to the letter BET, the 22nd Hebrew letter is the letter TAV, which means “To Mark, To symbolize, To sign or signal, and an omen”. The best example of this is in Ezekiel chapter 9 concerning the destruction of the 1st Jewish Temple during the Babylonian siege against Jerusalem. At that time, God instructed a TAV or a Mark to be placed on the foreheads of those who grieved over the sins being committed – as a seal of protection. April 8th, 2024, we, in fact, witnessed an incredible solar eclipse over America, which, in conjunction with the 2017 eclipse, placed a giant TAV or X right across America, perhaps conveying a warning to America.

#4. 5783 (2023): GIMMEL

The 3rd letter in the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Gimmel, symbolizing humility and discipline.  The root word (gamal) means to deal out to, give, or wean, indicating that sharing can lead to either blessing or judgment. In 2022 and 2023, massive government spending and money printing led to high inflation and increased costs for housing, commodities, fuel, groceries, and taxes. This economic turmoil aligns with the concept of gimmel, reflecting the consequences of fiscal decisions.

#5. 5784 (2024): DALET

The letter Dalet represents the number 4 and symbolizes a door. This number also symbolizes a transition period, as one walks through a door from one room to another, but in this case, from one prophetic season into the next, connecting us to the end times. It also symbolizes time, as the sun and moon, which mark our calendar systems, were created on the fourth day.

In this particular year, we did, in fact, witness several major key transitional events leading us into the end times. We witnessed massive tragedies that occurred in Israel, revealing the flaws of a 2 state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. We witnessed the end of the petrodollar system between the United States and Saudi Arabia, potentially setting the stage for a global collapse of the US Dollar Reserve Currency, which would open the door for a new digital global currency.


These years reflect judgment due to actions against God's word and the near division of Israel. The patterns observed are not just historical coincidences but carry profound prophetic significance, pointing toward divine messages and warnings.

So, in summary, overall, this entire series has not been a cycle of blessing or reward but has been a cycle of persistent judgment, hardships, difficulties, division, war, persecution, and political oppression, all of it not only having to do with the lawlessness of the United States in relation to the Bible and the Word of God, such as the progressive agendas of the left against women and children but also specifically, the United States posture against Israel in its attempts to divide it.


Now, the final pattern of a prophetic cycle is the message of hope, the message of salvation, the message of forgiveness, and the message of healing.

This brings us to the message of this coming Jewish New Year 5785. There are 2 potential paths our nations can take, and I will explain both of them and give you my personal thoughts on which direction we may be heading.

The number 5 in Hebrew is the letter “Hey.” It sounds exactly as it is spelled.


The letter means “to look” or “behold.” As in, something shocking to see or behold, so much so that you have to get everyone else's attention and tell them to look! Every time Jesus ever says in the Bible, “behold,” it is always followed by something extraordinarily profound. The last time we saw this pattern appear on the calendar was in 2015-2016, which marked the very beginning of Donald Trump’s run for the US Presidency. Almost every political commentator will tell you that it was the greatest political upset in the history of US presidential elections. So, this connotation tends to bring something shocking with it.


The pictograph for the Hey in the original ancient Hebrew script resembled a man with his arms raised.


What is even more extraordinary about this is the series we are currently in—the series of the PEY—in which that number finds its original prophetic pattern with Moses and the exodus of Israel out of Egypt.


If you remember, in the accounts of Exodus 17:12-14, the Israelites were in battle with the Amalekites. And in this account, something profound occurred. When Moses raised his arms, the Israelites would prevail in the struggle, but as soon as his arms were lowered, they would lose. So Aaron and Hur brought a stone for Moses to sit on and held his arms up until the sun set – and the Bible says in verse 13, “In this way, Joshua defeated the Amalekites.”


Even more astonishing is that in verse 14, the Bible also tells us this account was so crucial in how the battle took place that he instructed Moses, “Write an account of this victory so that it will be remembered.”


Therefore, it is possible that when tied into the greater series of the PEY, it is clear a battle is set before us, that battle has to be fought, and the only clear victory, or the only path forward into winning this battle, is through our obedience and worship to God.


This is a literal physical representation of the relationship between the spiritual and the physical realms. What occurs in our spiritual life, whether it is faith or doubt, obedience or rebellion, either choice leads to a series of consequences that directly impact not just our life but also the lives around us.


Biblical English meaning of the number 5 symbolizes grace.


In addition to this, if you take all 4 numbers of the Jewish year 5785 and you add them up, you get the total sum of 25.


Why is that so significant?


The number 25 in the Bible symbolizes and means “grace upon grace” because it is the number 5 compounded by itself..meaning five times 5 equals 25.


What’s even more significant about this is the rarity of this occurrence.


What are the odds that a Hebrew year not only begins and ends with the numerical number 5 but also with the sum of all its digits added together, equaling the number 25? And even more specifically, what are the odds of it occurring in the fifth year of a 10-year prophetic cycle?


Let me show you.


1ST, we need to consider the total number of possible outcomes when adding up the digits of any Hebrew year from 5000 to 5999 (which corresponds to the range where 5785 falls):


The Hebrew year ranges from 5000 to 5999, giving us a total of 1000 possible years (since 5999 - 5000 + 1 = 1000).


2. For each year in this range, the sum of the digits can vary from a minimum of 5 (for year 5000, where 5 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 5) to a maximum of 27 (for year 5999, where 5 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 32). However, we are specifically interested in the sum being 25.


To find the odds, we need to count how many of these 1000 years have a digit sum of 25.


Therefore, the odds that a randomly selected Hebrew year from 5000 to 5999 has a digit sum of 25 are:


Odds = the Number of years with a digit sum of 25 divided by the total number of years in the range, which equals 1 in 1,000.


So, the odds that the Hebrew year 5785 (or any randomly chosen year from the same range) when its digits are added together equals 25 are 1 in 1,000.


So, in other words, it is a 1 in 1,000 chance odds that we would be alive and living today in this specific year in this specific prophetic cycle. The odds increase even more greatly given the overall occurrence of when this occurs coinciding with this particular prophetic pattern.


If that wasn’t enough, there’s more.



In the bigger scheme of things, or the bigger prophetic picture dealing with Israel and God’s prophetic word, this is where it gets really interesting. Just as all Biblical prophecies are centered upon Israel, God’s chosen inheritance, just as this series began with Israel, take a look at this.


Strong’s Hebrew Concordance #85, as in 5785, is named “Abraham.” His name means “exalted father,” the father of many nations and tribes, including specifically the father of the Jewish nation of Israel.


But when you look up Strong’s Greek Concordance #85, you get the word anemones, which means” to be distressed, to feel fear, lack of courage, to be distressed, and troubled.


When you combine these two words, you get “the time of Jacobs Trouble – which is the final 7-year tribulation period, the final 70th week of Daniels 70 weeks Prophecy.


When most people think of God’s grace, they only consider the forgiveness aspect but do not ever consider the repentance aspect. For grace to occur, you must have conviction, the revelation of sin, the judgment, or the commencement of a judgment, followed by the act of repentance through both confession and the literal act of turning away from the sin. Without the conviction, there is no revelation, no emergence of the truth, and therefore no direction – so something occurs to bring forward a conviction over a people or nation. Then, in addition, a judgment is given.


So, there are two paths for this grace to occur.


It’s very important to understand that it is not enough simply to believe in God to be saved. You cannot receive forgiveness if you do not repent, confess, and turn away from the sin. If there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness.

#1. America heeds the warnings and the convictions; repentance and healing come afterward. This path may include a Trump victory in the 2024 elections. But the signs of repentance accompany the confession and actions of sincere faith in God in not just how we treat God but also how we treat one another, and so far, I have not seen any evidence of this. In fact, we have only progressed further in our great political divides.


#2. The second path occurs in the apostle Paul's example. Toward the end of his life, Paul was alone, imprisoned for his faith, and under constant pressure of demonic oppression. Paul pleaded with the Lord to remove this oppression from him, but God’s response to Paul was, “My grace is sufficient enough for you.” It is through imperfection and weakness that God’s grace and power are made perfect in our lives.


If this were the path, my sincere belief is that Joe Biden would win the 2024 election somehow, or he would be replaced by Kamala Harris and Kamala will win the election somehow. This will lead to a horrific cascade of events, including a massive crash in the US economy, most likely also WWI and attacks against the United States, and some very difficult years ahead of the United States. But it is through these events that God’s grace may abound the greatest and become perfected in our lives. So Paul welcomed the imperfections, hardships, and persecution because he knew it drew him closer to the Lord and brought the Lord greater honor and glory.


So the question is, which path leads to the greatest victory?


This word can have great implications for many people, where you may see an incredibly profound year of grace, not just any grace, but grace upon grace – a compounded shaken-up grace upon your lives. If there were ever a time needed for a pause, for a redirect, this year would be the year to believe and stand firm upon God’s incredible grace and promises upon your life.


There may be 2 paths for this grace to be perfected depending upon the greatest outcome or victory would be.


There may also be massive prophetic signs occurring over Israel concerning the commencement or beginning of the coming tribulation period, including Ezekiel’s Prophecy of the war of Gog and MaGog, the rise of a global currency, which means the crash of the US Dollar, and we may see some major advancements in sciences and possibly more outbreaks of pandemics and civil unrest.



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