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Prophetic Vision: New Decree Issued Another Coming Plague

Prophetic Vision: New Decree Issued Another Coming Plague

Tuesday October 18th 2022

While asleep I had a vision:

In the vision I had a sense of time and it was in the present tense. What I was seeing was currently happening.

I was standing within a building I did not recognize, but in the vision my first impression was that it resembled a temple or sacred place of some sort that also had an alter in the front. I got the impression that it was revered where either important ceremonies or events took place.

There was some sort of ceremony that was taking place. I don’t know what it was, but I saw a mass of people who were gathered and were seated. They were dressed in modern clothing of all sorts – they didn’t appear any different then how you would see them today but they were dressed both formal with ties, suits, and business attire and also casual business. I saw both men and women alike, they were seated to the left and right of a single isle that was in front of the alter. I did not recognize or know the ceremony that was taking place.

From there I then saw various coridors, hall ways, courtyards, and rooms that were also attached to this building.

Then, in one of the rooms I saw battle training equipment for soldiers in preparation for war. The weapons and training equipment were not modern looking but resemble an ancient custom or traditional form of war. I saw battle axes and swords and there were some who were training and preparing for battle.

I then moved on to another room that was enclosed and I saw two men standing side by side, one to the left and one to the right in this room talking.

In this room was also an ancient scroll that was open and laying upon a stone table resembling a stand or counter.

I did not know who the two men were, I did not see their faces nor hear their names spoken but only observed them from behind.

One of the men I saw was holding an older form of a pen, a feather used by dipping in ink, and he was preparing to write something upon the scroll.

I then heard the man on the left, the one not holding the pen, speaking to the man on the right with the pen, and said to him, "What is the edict?" Referring to the scroll.

Then I saw the man with the ink pen walked to the scroll and wrote upon the scroll the word "PLAGUE". When I saw which word was chosen and written down, I instantly knew it was a decree, and had this spiritual foreknowledge that it was to come upon the world. While in the vision I was also remembering and thinking of the first plague that was sent of 2020, but this was somehow different than what occurred in 2020.

And that was all I heard and saw, and then I woke up.


I was not given an interpretation or revelation concerning this dream other than what I saw and heard being a new decree has been issued of new plague that will be in greater severity than the first one.

The word "edict" is used to indict a proclamation or order has been issued. Historically speaking, an edict was a term used or given by a king. This may indicate the man that held the pen and issued the edict is a king, perhaps the Lord God Jesus, the King Above All Kings.

The ceremony that I saw taking place could have resembled a court in session of a multitude of witnesses.

The war rooms where I saw weapons and training for war could indicate a spiritual battle taking place or about to take place that may result in a literal physical manifestation or conflict upon the earth over a significant principality of power, stronghold, or influence.

This plague may not be an illness or disease. There are many other types of plagues. In the Bible, specifically in the end times and in the Book of Revelation, there are also plagues of fire, brimestone, and of hail. In Revelation 9, there are a plague of demonic armies released with the angle of abyss that resemble locust.

The temple and the alter may represent what is sacred and revered as Holy or authoritative. It may be literal, either the throne in heaven belonging to the Lord God, or the thrones of alters and idols upon the earth which are binding upon both.

The US midterms are are only weeks away in which it is possible this dream may be a warning of consequences of things to follow concerning the midterms, especially, if there is an impeachment of President Biden resulting in a Kamala Harris Presidency.



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