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Prophetic Vision of Abandon NYC 10/30/21

Prophetic Vision of Abandon NYC 10/30/21

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

Saturday Night, October 30th 2021, I had a vision while asleep...

The vision began inside of a refugee/homeless shelter. I saw hundreds and thousands of people living within a shelter. It was clear to me these people fled NYC from a severe disaster and were living in a large facility being used as a shelter. The beds were set up like cots in close proximately to each other in order to house as many people as possible. I saw various case workers and social workers assigned to the facility in charge of dispersing foods/goods and various other services. I also saw the facility was requiring individuals to register with ID's and their vehicle information - as there was also a large parking facility connected. Than the vision shifted...

I was suddenly among a tour guide group touring NYC. I not only saw the East River and the Hudson River but other rivers and streams had sprung up across the city with large bodies of water. I also saw the various bridges across the city. I looked and saw the city completely abandoned and un-inhabitable. No one was living within any of the boroughs of NYC including Long Island. Large construction sites were left uncompleted with many skyscrapers unfinished. I also saw other buildings that had substantial damages as if they had been bombed or burned. The city was also covered with various vegetation as you would see in a science fiction apocalyptical styled movie. The city had literally became something of the past, unbelievable and astonishing.

While with this tour group, I overheard several others behind me in conversation talking about the La Palma Volcanic eruptions. I did not hear the entire conversation - only part of the conversation concerning the Volcanic eruptions. Therefore, it was not clear to me if La Palma created the massive tidal wave I have previously seen in other visions. I asked a member of our group what happened and when the events took place but I was unable to perceive/receive the information asked for.

Than I woke.



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