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Prophetic Dream: Warning to Europe, France, and the Baltics "Winter Season 2022-2023"

Friday May 6th 2022

Prophetic Dream: Warning to Europe, France, and the Baltics "Winter Season 2022-2023"

It was clear to me that I was not in the United States, although I did not see specifically where I was, but some where on the European continent. It was during the coming 2022 winter season months (sensed very near future and in the present), it was cold with heavy snow fall. I was standing in a line with many other people to board a bus. I did not see exactly what occurred previously but many people had been dislodged from their homes and were having to flee for safety, refuge, and for food and water. They did not have finances, food, water, or a place to sleep.

Among the many people who were waiting in line for the bus, I over heard a conversation taking place among a group of people who had European accents and were talking about Germany and "the north". I did not hear the full details of the conversation but I sensed something wrong was occurring in Germany in connection to war that reminded me of Nazi Germany in WW2. I asked a women in this group to draw me a line on a map to show me what they meant by "the north". The woman drew a line beginning on the east of Europe, just above France, across Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Baltics, and Belarus. They did not tell me what had occurred other than they were having to flee for refuge.

Among them, I felt the greatest threat sustained were to France, the Baltics, and those from Norway and Sweden, and Finland.

I then saw officials giving higher precedence to women and children, with a higher priority to those who were pregnant. They were being transported and relocated south of Europe for refuge and to places that were warm.

Because of this, many families and marriages were separated in which many were never able to fully re-connect. I saw religious organizations in Europe, having an appearance of good, maintain organization and direction over the refuge centers and shelters. Among them I also saw some Americas who had fled with them.

I was then transported, along with the others, to one of the refuge centers and was able to observe the daily routines of the centers. These centers were fully staffed, they maintained food and clothing, and provided excellent education to the children and those who were seeking. The conditions were well maintained and in good spirit. However, being an American and a pastor, I began to noticed a few abnormalities. Free thinking was often discouraged unlike in America. I got the sense it was not malicious or intentional, but because of having much different perspectives and traditions than the United States. Those who were in leadership did majority of the speaking and teaching without influence or input from others in which majority of those in leadership were highly credentialed and respected in establishment. There were no objections and many of the refugees did not think twice about it. I also saw, although many were "religious" and regarded purity and holiness to the highest accord, there was no mentioning of Jesus or the Bible. There were church services but there were no "free movement" of worship or expression. At one point, I was over come with the Holy Spirit and saw that tradition was preventing many of these people from receiving the truth and the power of the Holy Spirit, but I was not permitted to speak or lay hands upon any one.

During evening at dinner time, I was sitting with a group of refuges, and saw that a few of them had scars from sustaining heavy wounds to their faces and bodies. They were speaking about their past experiences with one another which they revealed were from being severely tortured and beaten by an invading military army.

Further into the dream, I was then taken to a beautiful place of where many refuges had taken refuge and safety. I saw a chain of islands that resembled tropical islands where the water was blue and the surrounding areas were beautiful resembling a resort. There was peace and safety where they were able to flourish.

Then I woke.

***UPDATE 5/10/22***

I came across several pictures of a beautiful landscaped area and realized upon memory of the vision, the area in the pictures is the location I saw in the vision of where many were taken refuge at. The location is the Azores Islands of Portugal.

(below are the islans of Sao Miguel Island and the Twin lakes of Azores located in the Azores Islands of Portugal)



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