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Lilith and the Slaughterhouse Dream April 27th 2022

Lilith and the Slaughter House Dream April 27th 2022

A forewarning -

April 27th 2022:

I saw a demonic principality influence over the White House (see Biblical references: Daniel 10:13, Ephesians 6:12). Then I saw the demonic being Lilith, whom I have seen twice before, speaking through a women. She was speaking false promises while holding both of her hands up and her fingers were crossed. Then I heard Lilith speaking of a flower and said she would bring destruction over many through a flower (the name Kamala means "Lotus, Lotus Flower, Red Water Lily"). I instantly recognized this ,while in the vision, as mocking of the literal cross of Jesus and to symbolize her words were lies and served as a trap to ensnare. I also recognized the flower to be a reference to Kamala Harris. Then I was shown a large banquet dinner table. At the table I saw great honor was given to the nations criminals, the incarcerated, and the most violent of offenders. I also saw a militarization and organization of the criminals. Afterwards, I saw a large cattle meat processing plant and saw thousands people being slaughtered like cattle. At this this vision ended and I woke.

Upon waking, I immediately had a 2nd vision while being fully awake but did not realize it was a vision at the time. It was around 12pm in the afternoon. I saw the sky suddenly become darkened like what happens at an approaching storm. I heard the wind begin to pick up in speed and howl against the windows. It also began to lightning and thunder very loudly and I could feel the thunder shake my entire home. I even remembered that rain was in the forecast for our area for the day and went back to sleep (I work night shift for law enforcement agency). After waking, and upon leaving for work that evening around 5:30pm, I saw and realized that it had never rained (although it was forecasted to). I also called a friend and fellow coworker to see if his area had gotten any rain and he also affirmed to me it did not rain. This vision reminded me of a similar vision I had December 22nd 2020 of a storm. You can read that word here:



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