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Prophetic Warning: Judgement Coming

Concerning the passing of late term abortion in New York I received this word. When I asked how long I was shown Genesis 18:10 "within one year". This is the passage of scripture just prior to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

"I the Lord God am like a false idol to you You worship me neither in truth or obedience Since you are deaf to me I have become deaf to you How you point out the wickedness around you and yet you are the center of them! A home is built upon a foundation And what grows upon it comes from what is planted beneath it For out of one seed produces a harvest And what good is a poisonous fruit other than for death?

For I the Lord have sent many to you I sent them as foreigners to stand out A good seed recognizes a good fruit But you have become accustomed to eating trash You have acquired the taste of rot You prefer neither what is good to eat or fresh to drink

You are like the addict who has no control Given way to desire and habit You are like the drunken fool who squanders away their wealth And has become homeless

For I am like a waste land to you Where you store your garbage For its stench is a blotched stain Undesirable and thrown away

Do you not know in the days of Kings whom I appointed over Israel I held accountable for the people? Who is responsible for the evil your leaders do you ask? For is it not you whom appointed these leaders to rule over yourselves? Is it not your leaders who do the will of your people? But yet my people do my will for I have appointed them as you have appointed those for yourselves.

See the reward for your labors! The fruit of your harvest! For evil people produce an evil harvest.

What is it that you say? “But when did I appointment such people” surely I tell you have I not appointed you as rulers over my kingdom according to my will? Had you fed and clothed your neighbors, had you prayed and loved your enemies, had you taken care of your homeless and orphans, had you loved them as I have loved you they would have not looked to another reward but would have found shelter and refuge in my kingdom.

Therefore your reward is the reward for your labors. This is the harvest in which you have produced.

See now that I have set you as the example of the rest of your nation for all to see that what was done in secret is now done and praised in broad daylight.

You have brought ridicule and judgment upon yourselves. For my people flee from wickedness. I have sent a sign to them that they may depart from you and my presence be removed.

For I gave you a mouth and tongue but you did not speak I gave you hands and feet but you did not act I gave you ears and eyes but you did not hear or see

For I have even sent a sign to your shores to speak to you, Sand by the ocean erodes but it is preserved in the wilderness

And how can what has been removed be replenished if it is not taken from somewhere else? But who else will give to you to replenish since it quickly erodes?

So I shall do to you like what the sea does to the sand. For you have been like the sea eroding all I have sent. And see that I not leave any foundation left or else you may build up again."



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