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Prophetic Word: Night & Day

Turn your eyes to the East

Where the sun rises every morning

It is faithful and true

Where dusk and dawn begin and end

Turn your eyes to the beginning who is also the end

Faithful and true are His words

At the place where light and darkness are defined

There distinction is their beginning and end

But the Lord God was, and is, and will always be

It is He who defines the beginnings and their endings

It is He who separated day from night

Who created the heavens and earth

From where the sun and the moon began

It is He who gave all life their beginning

And in Him is that life in which is the light of all mankind

Just as the coming of dawn to dusk

Shall be life that comes and goes

But everlasting life is in Him

In Him is the beginning and the end

The author and finisher of our faith

The one who gives and takes away

The same sun rises and sets upon us all

There is no other foundation that has been set

The one who has defined the boundaries and foundations

Is The same one who determines there beginning and end

For the same one who called the light day and called the darkness night

Is the same one who determines their beginning and end

Just as it was appointed for when and where the sun rises and falls

They are both separated by His word

And what good does the dark serve but to shield the eyes from what is done in darkness

Trees nor grass grow in the dark

Nor is warmth or heat come from it

What does the dark profit but the prosperity of wickedness

Nothing can live without light or warmth

And if there is a place where the sun does not rise

Than what hope is there for the wicked for that place last forever

For it is the light that defines when a new day begins

But without it there is no yesterday or tomorrow

Each person should observe the meaning of this

For even the sun and the moon foretell of distinguishing of good and evil

For in them is even the prophecy and revelation of the beginning and end

And if there is a beginning than surely there is an end

If the sun rises than it must also set

How short a day and night are

There are 24 hours in a day but there are only 12 hours of light



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