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Prophetic Dream National Emergency and Stock Market Crash

Original posting from personal social media FB page

I had a dream last night August 28th 2018:

I dreamt I was standing inside the stock market exchange on Wall Street. I saw a major press conference that began with President Trump near the last hours of trading, the President declared a national emergency over the nation and closed the borders in which I saw the stocks began to plummet quickly in response to the emergency in one of the worse stock drops in our nations history. I saw the stocks plummeted in the very last hour of trading all the way to the very closing bell. Then I woke.

I believe this to be an urgent warning to the nation that major events will unfold over the nation that will cause a major fall in the stock markets that will impact the nations economy and jobs profoundly, historically, and will serve as a sign of major changes, trials, and tribulations to come.



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