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Word From the Lord Concerning the US & Israel

Word from the Lord

October 2nd, 2018

“Is it not the sun that gives the moon its light that shines in the night? Though the moon turns dark the sun is still shining. So shall it be my word that goes out from my mouth. 

You see through a light that is not your own. Like a shadow that is cast,

Like before the rain, it is taken from somewhere else,

Like the fruit that is lifted from the ground but it is not despised.

From the ground you were taken from the ground I came 

I hear another language that is not my own but yet I understand it.

Does not the same rain that waters your land also water the others?

It causes every tree to grow. Were not all men born the same way? The ground in which you were taken is the same ground in which all are taken from. From the earth came all living things. Does not the whole earth belong to me? Therefore, is not all ground consecrated?

You have accepted the foreigner whom lives among you but you have made a foreigner from the one who came from you.

So from the foreigner I will speak.

My mountain glory cannot be broken it cannot be bought but I have broken you and I have bought you.

You will find me from among your neighbors; You will find me from among your enemies; when search for me since I have already come to you . Though I speak the word that I gave to you you do not understand it as if it were a foreign language.

So turn your ear to the one whom speaks if you can understand them. From your neighbor I have fed you. From your neighbor I have clothed you. From them I have established you and protected you. 

And now they turn to accept the one who was the not there own but from them I have made my own. 

I am the orphan whom you orphaned but I, the Father, have orphaned you.

Through the Son you bore but have rejected is the King through the rejected that has reborn you.

Though they are blind they have seen. Though they are deaf they have heard.”

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians



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