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Prophetic Word: The Kingdom Is Passing From Saul To David

The Kingdom is passing from Saul to David

March 16, 2019

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

I hear the voice of the Lord and I hear Him saying "Unity! Unify my people! Bring the entire offering into the store house that there may be food in my house to eat! And see that I do not open up the flood gates of Heaven!-you are the offering, and my people the harvest are the food!" I hear the voice of a herald and a trumpet-a messenger has been assigned and given the wings of an eagle! Look the whole earth is filled with the glory of the Lord!

Every people from every tribe and tongue have come to gather to give praise and honor to the Lord!" Give him a sword, give him a shield, for He brings down strongholds and raises up the sea!"

He is putting a kings robe on me, the robe that He gave to David from King Saul. He is giving me his sword! He has given me His shield! He has set before me the kingdom, He has given me the honor of a king but I am nothing deserving of it!

He is sending me out to the fight the battle that Saul has sat out. He is sending me out to the fields where His people are gathered! With a shout! With a trump! David brought him down with a rock, but by the sword of the Lord by the word of mouth the Lord has brought this one down and the name of the Lord is glorified!

The harvest is the Lords! And the kingdom is His! They have forfeited their right as Saul was cast aside. They are like Esaul who despised his birthright and gave it to Jacob!

And the kingdom is passing into the hands of David! Those who go out and fight the Lords battles, those who deliver His people! Those who honor the Lord with their hearts in truth, obedience, and in faith!

And David was undignified and his wife rebuked him because of it! Because he danced before the Lord and she despised him! David was undignified! Those who are undignified for the sake of the Lord, those despised because of His sake! The kingdom is shifting and there is a great move! We have become undignified by the joy of the Lord and His Joy is magnified!



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