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OPEC & Biblical Prophecy Revealed!

OPEC & Biblical Prophecy Revealed!

In a prophetic vision the Lord gave to me April 15th 2022, concerning the Russian - Ukraine war, the Lord showed major changes would come concerning the OPEC & Saudi Arabia oil deals that would favor Russia and other nations in other currencies over the United States. In this vision, I saw new oil production changes made undoing much of the original OPEC Petrodollar deals made with the US in the late 1960's-early 1970's that would result in the value of the US Dollar to plummet along with western currencies aligned with the US Dollar. Then I saw the US and NATO alliances were no longer able to afford financial and military assistance to Ukraine in which Ukraine began to run out of supplies. Once this occurred I saw a dramatic increase in Russia's aggression against Ukraine which resulted in the complete loss of Ukraine to Russia.

Reported October 5th 2022, at the request of Russia, OPEC has announced a major historic policy change to cut its oil production by 2million barrels, a dramatic cut that hasn't been seen since the historically low demands during the pandemic.

A new headline has also emerged from the NY Times saying, "Biden to re-evaluate relationship with Saudi Arabia after oil production cuts" revealing Biden intending to convince congress to undo most of the original OPEC Petrodollar deals given to Saudi Arabia, which I believe will result in horrific consequences for the US as most of OPEC foreign nations, including China, have shifted away from the US dollar already.

April 15th 2022 Prophetic Vision
April 15th 2022 Prophetic Vision

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