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The Coming Dragon 2024 Prophetic Vision

Saturday, December 23rd, 2023 approximately 4 - 5 pm, I saw a vision constellation of stars that formed a dragon. The Dragon then emerged from the sky and flew down upon the earth. This dragon then flew across the Northeastern Coast of the United States. As I observed this dragon, I was consciously aware of Revelation 12 and discerned in the Spirit this was the same dragon - the beast, as the Bible calls him, the ancient serpent - the devil.

I also discerned that this sign was appearing in real-time, in the present current time - not the future or the past.

Upon waking, I prayed with my wife, and the Spirit affirmed the vision was correct.

The Chinese zodiac sign for 2024 is the dragon. I interpreted this sign to mean imminent war is coming against the United States from China.

Secondly, I interpret this to be war coming against the saints, the body of Christ, in greater persecution against Christians - specifically in the United States. This calls for prayer, faith, and boldness - a test for Christians to stand firm upon their witness of the gospel message of Christ at all costs.

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