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The Coming Dragon 2024 Prophetic Vision

Saturday, December 23rd, 2023 approximately 4 - 5 pm, I saw a vision constellation of stars that formed a dragon. The Dragon then emerged from the sky and flew down upon the earth. This dragon then flew across the Northeastern Coast of the United States. As I observed this dragon, I was consciously aware of Revelation 12 and discerned in the Spirit this was the same dragon - the beast, as the Bible calls him, the ancient serpent - the devil.

I also discerned that this sign was appearing in real-time, in the present current time - not the future or the past.

Upon waking, I prayed with my wife, and the Spirit affirmed the vision was correct.

The Chinese zodiac sign for 2024 is the dragon. I interpreted this sign to mean imminent war is coming against the United States from China.

Secondly, I interpret this to be war coming against the saints, the body of Christ, in greater persecution against Christians - specifically in the United States. This calls for prayer, faith, and boldness - a test for Christians to stand firm upon their witness of the gospel message of Christ at all costs.



This is definitely a possibility. I don’t know whether you know this or not but recently, the country of England created a coin in honor of King Charles the third. On one side is the face of the king, and on the other is the dragon, celebrating the Chinese year of the Dragon. I also noted that the value of the coin or the contents of the gold is 99.9guaranteed. Nothing like making 666 so obvious. Who knows? They may all be in cahoots with each other to bring the United States down.


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing


Merry Christmas to you and Tiffany. Thanks for your words.


Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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