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(Excerpt BELOW Taken From Transcript of Video)

By now I am sure you guys have watched a million different videos out there concerning this upcoming April 8th solar eclipse and have heard a million and one theories on all the different possibilities in what this eclipse could mean.


Everything from catastrophic earthquakes on the Madrid Faultline, the little Egypt references, to the Aleph Tav in the Hebrew, and various opinions and timelines. I have published several videos on this eclipse as well.


However, I have got some new major information to share you guys should know about, and this information gives us much more prophetic context behind these eclipse and the imminent urgent warning from God to America that we should be paying attention to.


You need to know some important context information to understand this eclipse's depths truly. Not very many people know this, nor are they teaching it.


Everyone usually will quote Genesis 1:14-15 when talking about eclipses. Most of us are aware of this verse. But what most people don’t tell you is the actual Hebrew context and meaning behind that verse which when you understand – gives you a much more specific understanding of the prophecy behind the eclipse.


The English Word “Sign” in Genesis 1:14 comes from the Hebrew Arameic Word “oth”. Oth comes from the root word “ooth” which is strongs concordance H225 which means “to consent or agree.” This word is where we get the act of covenant making in the Bible between two parties.


"Ooth" comprises three Hebrew letters: aleph, vav, and tav.


Aleph symbolizes power and strength, like an ox head.


Vav signifies a tent peg, denoting securing or hooking.


Tav represents crossed sticks to mark or signal.


When you put those letters together, they evoke the image of a plowman guiding an ox harnessed to a plow, aiming for a distant landmark on the horizon to maintain a straight furrow. "Consent" originates from covenant-making, where parties agree on a destination, akin to an ox reaching a landmark when plowing. A "sign" originates from covenant marking, serving as a reminder for both parties.


So when you put this word in its original Hebrew context, in the verse of Genesis 1:14- 15, we understand that a sign occurring in an eclipse, whether it be the sun or the moon, or alignments dealing with the planets and constellations, is a reminder to both God and to mankind of His covenant made with Abraham passed on to the Jewish people, and later, fulfilled and passed on to Christians who are ingrafted, or inherited into this covenant through Jesus who was a literal representation of the TAV – the Marking or in other words – the ultimate SIGN – of God’s covenant.


So when we see or read about God’s covenant, we deal with God’s Word – His Promises.


And even more specifically, signs that are a reminder concerning not just the Jewish People but the covenant God made concerning the Land of Israel. The land is another sign of God’s covenant. So anything having to do with that land is ultimately dealing with the very Hand of God – the blood – the covenant made and affirmed through Jesus.

The Tav, Ezekiel 9 & 21, Destruction of 1st Jewish Temple

Now that you, understand the context behind the word we can get into the sign itself.


So here is what you guys already know.

There have been 2 eclipses: The first occurring August 21st 2017, the second occurring on October 14th 2023, and the 3rd which will occur on April 8th 2024.


Most of of you are already aware,

When you overlay the paths of totality for all three eclipses on a map, they intersect at certain parts of the nation, and when you  compare them with Hebrew letters, you get Aleph, Tav, and Vav, spelling the word"sign." Most of you guys are aware of the Aleph and Tav but not many folks are aware of the Vav and again, the literal word for -Sign – being spelled out in the Hebrew – again the word that relates to the Covenant.


Most of you are also aware that Aleph is the first letter, while Tav is the last, in the Hebrew alphabet symbolizing both the beginning and end, akin to God being the first and last.


The letter TAV holds very prominent significance in the Bible and occurs only twice in scripture. Its most prominent appearance is found in Ezekiel chapter 9. Ezekiel chapter 9 is where we get to verse 1 Peter 4:17, which tells us that judgment must begin at the house of God first.


To grasp what this sign exactly is there is another piece of context you have to understand –to understand it you have to go back to where this pattern has occurred before in the Bible. It goes back to the verses of 1 Peter 4:17, and Ezekiel chapter 21 and chapter 9.

A command is given in Ezekiel chapter 9, for a TAV or a mark of protection to be given on the foreheads of the men who grieved over the sins committed in Jerusalem at the temple. This is the context or foundation for the seal of protection given over 144k witnesses and the mark of the beast in revelation.


In Ezekiel chapter 21 the King of Babylon is lead to a literal TAV or sign in the road –at an intersection or crossroad made by the Prophet Ezekiel. When the King of Babylon shows up at this intersection, he has to choose between either 1. Bring destruction to the Ammonites at Rabbah, or 2. Bring destruction to Judah at Jerusalem.


So the king uses divination to decide which direction to go and draws lots to go to Jerusalem which contradicts an oth or alliance some of the Babylonian commanders made with the leaders in Jerusalem and brings a conviction of guilt.  Listen to this what the Bible says,


“For the king of Babylon will stop at the fork in the road, at the junction of the two roads, to seek an omen: He will cast lots with arrows, consult his idols, and examine the liver. , Into his right hand will come the lot for Jerusalem, where he is to set up battering rams, to give the command to slaughter, to sound the battle cry, to set battering rams against the gates, to build a ramp and to erect siege works. It will seem like a false omen to those who have sworn allegiance to him, but he will remind them of their guilt and take them captive.


“Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘Because you people have brought to mind your guilt by your open rebellion, revealing your sins in all that you do—because you have done this, you will be taken captive.”


So in other words, this giant X marked over the nation serves as a sign as a reminder to both the Lord and the nation concerning His covenant and is a a sign of conviction – a sign of guilt – of those who have betrayed the Lord, those who have betrayed the nation, those who have been sold out, just like the context given in Ezekiel 21.

So now that we have some context, we understand that the sign directly relates to God’s covenant – we understand the sign serves as a reminder to both parties of this covenant, the sign also relates to the literal land of Israel as the land is a material representation of that covenant, and we understand that this sign serves to bring us conviction of the guilt or wrongdoing that has occurred, now we need to understand and reveal what the conviction is – the act of wrongdoing – the sin.


Because God always gives us a chance to repent and reveals what the sin is, there is always a message of hope and redemption, and a message of consequence should the repentance not occur.

The Warning of The Eclipse Explained

In Biblical prophecy, the sun always represents gentile nations where the moon always represents Israel.


This is why we have two calendar systems, one that is solar-based, like the Gregorian calendar most of the world uses today. The 2nd is the Hebrew Jewish calendar, which is lunar based – where the moon's positioning determines the timing of the Jewish feast and festivals.


This is why Genesis 1:14 tells us the sun and moon are directly tied to the festivals and feast.


Since the Eclipse occurred over America – the Warning is to America – and the Western Gentile nations.


The Eclipse that occurred in 2017, it’s path of totality directly crosses over 7 American cities named Salem.


Salem was the name of Jerusalem until David conquered it and renamed it to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Number 7 signifies and represents God’s first original covenant, the Sabbath. This is the first law decreed over the land the Jews were to observe. This law concerns the land. The Jews were commanded to observe the Sabbath during the week to rest from any work. There is also a sabbath year, where, in the 7th year, the Jews were commanded to allow the land to rest from any work. There is a Sabbath Jubilee – the 50th year where not only the land rested from work, but on the 50th year, the land was restored to the rightful owners if they owed a debt that resulted in their land being taken – that debt was forgiven on the 50th year in which the deed to that land was restored to that family or person. These two numbers, the numbers 7 and 50 are extremely, very – very - important to understand concerning this upcoming eclipse.

This is very VERY important that you understand this because this is the foundation point upon which the entire prophetic timeline is based. All Biblical prophecies – when dealing with the land, dealing with the end times, dealing with the 7-year tribulation period – when dealing with anything dealing with time - all of it 100% has to do with this first covenant – the Sabbath. Because TIME has to do with both the SUN and the MOON.


#1. The number 4 in the Bible symbolizes time and transition. Why?


Because God did not create the Sun and the Moon until the 4th day. That is right. That means all plant and sea life were created before the sun and moon existed. Very important you understand this. So, all the light on the earth came from God Himself and was the very extension of His grace.


#2. Time did not exist until the 4th day of the creation of the sun and the moon.

If there is no sun or a moon, how do you distinguish between night and day? How do you know where one-day ends and where another begins? How do you determine the seasons or the festivals without a sun or a moon? In addition, how do you determine the time of day without the sun?


So the entire 24-hour system that we use today to determine the time, the very thing that gave creation to the technology we wear on our wrist and on our phones that controls when things occur and when they do not occur – time – did not come into existence until the 4th day – at least not the time as we understand it today.


#3. We are in 2024, or the Hebrew Jewish Year 5784.

The Hebrew letter for the number 4 is the letter Dalet – it means and symbolizes a “Door.” Therefore, we again are dealing with time, specifically, the prophetic timeline – and symbolize a transition period.


#4. From the year of 2017 when the first eclipse occurred until the year 2024 with the second eclipse will occur, there is 7 years.


The number 7, again, symbolizes God’s covenant – His Word. In the Book of Daniel, because Israel disobeyed the sabbath – where they did not allow for the land to rest – God decreed a judgment of captivity against Israel known as the 70 Weeks Prophesy. This prophecy says that a judgment of captivity will last over Israel for 70 sets of 7-year cycles because the Jewish Hebrew Calendar operates in cycles of 7 years. This message is not a teaching about the 70 weeks prophecy prophetic time line, however, if you do the math, you’ll figure it that its only 490 years. Common-sense will tell you – well it’s been well over 490 years since the beginning of Israel’s captivity which began with Babylon. That is because, within that prophecy of the 70 weeks, a prophecy is given concerning the messiah during the 69th week. Jesus came at the 69th week, and we have been living in a grace period which Jesus called the “the time of the gentles”.


Only God knows when this time, or grace period, will end – it will end at the church's rapture, which will commence or begin the 70th week or the last and final 7-year period.


So, remember, Genesis 1:14, the sign of the moon and sun, is a reminder of God’s covenant, dealing with both the literal and physical land of Israel, dealing with the Jewish people, and dealing with the complete law which is fulfilled by Jesus who is the very Word of God.


The creation of the sun and moon -signifies the beginning of time – and the beginning of the creation of God’s covenant.

IN 2017, the 1st eclipse occurs, and it passes over 7 cities in America named Salem.

The number 7 represents God’s covenant –a warning to America concerning Jerusalem in Israel and to Israel concerning its covenant with God.


Joel chapter 3:1-3 prophecies to us when and how the tribulation period will begin, or in other words, when the final 7th week will begin, and it deals with the land – God’s covenant.


‘In those days and at that time,

    when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,

2 I will gather all nations

    and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

There I will put them on trial

    for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,

because they scattered my people among the nations

    and divided up my land.


The valley of Jehoshaphat is NOT the same place where the final battle of Armageddon takes place – there is a major difference, and most people do not know this.


The valley of Jehoshaphat is where the battle of Gog and Magog will occur – this is the moment where the revelation of Grace is given to Israel, and they repent and receive Jesus as the Messiah – this is the context of Zachariah chapter 12 – where God makes Jerusalem the immovable rock – the cup of tremble for all the nations who move in to try and overtake it.


Now what happened after 7017, two major events happened, one of which was directly prophesied about in Zachariah 12 concerning Jerusalem.


The United States through President Trump moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem giving global recognition of Jerusalem beinging the eternal Jewish capital of Israel on May 14th 2018 on Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence – where they were reformed as a nation.


Exactly as Zachariah prophesied would initiate the turmoil surrounding Jerusalem.


Then, on January 28th 2020, the United States, led by President Trump, put forward a peace plan initiative in favor of a 2-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians that would have divided Jerusalem and given 70% of Judea, or the west bank, to the Palestinians for statehood.


Immediately following that, the covid19 pandemic occurred and the rest of the world was forcefully shut down March of 2020. Immediately following the plague, famine occurred and the stock market plunged its worse collapse since the great depression. After famine, civil unrest followed through the violent George Floyd, BLM, and antifa protest representing the sword. Then after that, a major war breaks out for the first time in Europe since WW2, following a massive war breaking out in Israel October 7th 2023.


Exactly 1 week, or 7 days later, after the Hamas attacks on Israel, a partial solar eclipse occurred over the United States on the Sabbath – again - representing the number 7.


And if you take a step back and put it all in order – you have plague, famine, the sword, and conquest. The very 4 signs of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse occur backward in their exact order.


So, the 2017 eclipse symbolized a warning concerning God’s covenant – the Land of Israel – and Jerusalem.


Fast forward – exactly 7 years later, we come to a 2nd eclipse occurring April 8th 2024. Again, the number 7 symbolizes God’s covenant.


Immediately following the solar eclipse that will occur on April 8th 2024, the very next day on April 9th 2024, occurs a Jewish holiday many people do not know about or are aware of.


April 9th, 2024, is known as the Nisan 1. Nisan is the 1st Jewish month of the Jewish Calendar. Most people believe the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, that occurs in the Jewish month of Tishri (usually September) is what begins the Jewish Calendar but it is not, it is the month of Nisan.


The 1st of Nisan begins the spring season and is technically the Jewish New Year and was traditionally celebrated in a festival called Seder El-Tawhid, and is Biblically recorded in Exodus 12:1-20.


Now if you count the days, beginning with the Jewish New year, Nisan 1, April 9th 2024 until the evening of May 18th –when Pentecost begins (Christian Pentecost Sunday) –- you have exactly 40 days. From Good Friday - Resurrection Sunday until Pentecost Sunday is 50 days.


Pentecost means 50, and the Jewish Festival (Festival of Weeks) is the festival of counting out the number of days beginning after Passover for 50 days. Remember, the number 50 represents a jubilee, which again occurs at the 49th 7-year cycle in the Hebrew Calendar, symbolizing God’s covenant.


Where in history has a 40-day countdown like this occurred coinciding with a solar eclipse?


At the preaching of Jonah to Nineveh.


Archeological scholar David Wiseman documented through archeological evidence that a solar eclipse did occur over Nineveh Assyria, the capital of the Assyrian empire. Jonah preached to Ninevah to repent or the city will be overthrown in 40 days. And because of the eclipse sign, Nineveh believed in the message and repented. Remember, the sun and the moon signifying the sign – the marking of the covenant between two parties. Nineveh’s guilt was concerning the oppression against the Jewish people and scattering them from their homeland – again -this goes back to Joel 3:1-3 the sign of the beginning of the tribulation period – known as the time of Jacob’s trouble.


The first eclipse crosses over 7 cities named Salem in America – a warning to America concerning Jerusalem.


2020, America attempts to divide Jerusalem, and partial judgment occurs over the nation.


The Lord gives America 7 years of grace to repent – because 7 is always an allotted time of God’s divine timeline representing his covenant.


We now arrive to April 8th 2024, the path of totality of this eclipse passes over 7 cities but they are called Nineveh. A direct reference to a message of repentance concerning God’s covenant – and the Jewish people.


Exactly 40 days from that eclipse we arrive to Pentecost – the number representing 50 symbolizing liberation, and reconciliation. Where judgments are reconciled, and what is wrong is rectified and made right.


Now, Remember how I showed you the number 4 symbolizes time – it represents the beginning – and a transition point to the end –


If you overlay the eclipse paths of all 3 eclipses, you get the TAV, which represents the covenant – the marking – the sign of the covenant – and the ALEPH.

TAV IS THE LAST letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, and Aleph is the beginning letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, so you have the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, and because Jesus is ultimately the ULTIMATE SIGN of the TAV – He is SIGN – He Is the TAV – He died on the TAV – the cross.


We now get the warning to the gentile nations to repent now, to turn away from sin, and turn to Jesus – because the Messiah – Jesus – the Aleph and TAV is coming.


Most people do not realize this, but judgment and salvation occur simultaneously. Because in Jesus is both redemption and condemnation. Jesus became the judgement of our sin, so we could have salvation and forgiveness. Therefore, those who have rejected Jesus will be judged for their sin because they rejected God’s forgiveness in Christ – which is the ultimate sin.


The first eclipse warns of Jerusalem becoming the immovable rock – the object in which sends the world in turmoil. The 2nd eclipse because the message of repentance or judgement will occur – turn away and repent or you will be over thrown.


Because this timeline events coincides with Resurrection Sunday and Pentecostal Sunday the warning is clearly directed to the gentile churches & Christians in America concerning their involvement in the 2020's movement to divide Jerusalem. The message is the same as it is to the Lukewarm Church - repent, turn back to the Lord - or be overthrown.


What we are witnessing here is unprecedented – and could very well signal the arrival of the 2nd coming of Jesus, the salvation and rapture of the remnant church (not the lukewarm church), the coming Gog and MaGog War & the revelation of grace to Israel, and the commencement of the 7-year tribulation period or the final 70th week of Daniels 70 weeks prophecy.



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