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The Lord Showed Me How Much Time We Have Left



I agree with Mr Warren ! And WOW fantastic way to put Mr Dawson!!! “We only get one shot at this and we want to give it all we got”!!! Never thought of it that way… but you are so right!!! May Yahuah continue to bless you!! May you continue to wake people up in the way you do!!! MayYahshua continue to reveal truth to you to share with brothers and sisters in Christ and may the lost find you to hear those truths and come to Christ who also bear fruit , living out the great commission.!!! May the Holy Spirit teach me how to live out the great commission to bring as many souls to Him as possible…


Great video Brandon. I’m challenged, encouraged, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. I feel moved to deeper repentance, a closer walk with the Holy Spirit, full obedience, and that the Holy Spirit would bless me with more fruit than ever before. Jesus is coming soon. Please keep sharing what the LORD is revealing to you, and His faithful church.

Replying to

Thank you Todd for the feedback! I am glad to hear that this video has encouraged you and challenged you in your walk with Christ. We only get one shot at this and we want to give it all we got! God bless and thank you again for your feedback.

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