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The Thorn Among Roses

The Thorn Among Roses

A Prophetic Word To the Nations, the United States, and the Presidency of the US

Thursday May 11th 2023

A whisper will grow from a place unknown in the wilderness of hope not carried by name or reputation. It shall prosper like a weed among flowers and a thorn among roses. For it will injure those whom seek to move it and will protect those under it. And I shall raise up a valley from it, a garden of wonders and miracles, from a thorn and from a weed, my name will be magnified.

From a thorn I shall bless, from a weed I shall prosper, from the unsought ashes I will turn into beauty.



Lord have Mercy on our Land. As the wicked spread across it like a virus.


Amen. Holy is the Lord. His Will be done.

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