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The Tree of Life

Monday August 26, 2019

11:00 PM

The Spirit of the Lord says,

"“Do you not remember the tree in which you ate from? And when Adam was placed outside of the garden he ate from the trees of the world But I eat from the tree of my father and of my fathers fruit For His tree is the tree of life

And anyone Who eats from His tree has eternal life You eat from what you do not know of as Adam did But if you know me than you know of the fruit that I offer For my fruit brings life

Why eat from what you do not know that brings death? As if the fruit of the unknown is more exotic because it’s unknown But exotic or unknown does not mean better

But to the world I am unknown but I am undesirable to them To them my fruit is like poison and brings death The world condemns what is not their own And it brings death upon itself

But I do not condemn what is not my own Everyone who chooses to eat from my tree has life But those who already know me if they choose to eat from the tree of the world and it’s fruit And if the world condemns those that are not from it But it’s fruit brings death to those who eat it Then if they belong neither to me nor the world than they are worse off then those who belong to the world”



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