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Vision of NYC underwater

I had 2 alarming visions. In the 1st vision I saw the face of the Statue of Liberty in a dark storm cloud. Then I looked and was standing in Time Square. I saw that many buildings had collapsed, there were massive concrete boulders all over the place, the ground had been split open, subways collapsed. There was massive chaos and confusion and people were trying to help one another find their loved ones. It felt like another type of 9/11 but much more significantly worse!

in the 2nd vision I was walking around in a neighborhood. It felt like summer time. There was grass and trees, sidewalks, and children playing out in their front yards. I was completely consciously aware and fully cognitive. I knew i wasn't in NYC because majority of NYC does not have grass, trees, or even front yards-its mostly concrete. I then began to ask people what city i was in or which neighborhood this was but no one would answer me. I then came up to a dead end sign and when I saw the sign I prayed and asked the Lord "Where is rockaway" (which is the neighborhood my wife and I live in out of Queens NY) and immediately i was shown that the entire Rockaway area, Long Island, and major parts of the city were completely underneath the water-beneath the ocean. Then I woke.

I don't know what it all means or when these events will occur. But what I do know is that we need prayers for the nations and for our country!



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