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Warning to San Francisco Prophetic Dream of Earthquake!

Prophetic Dream: Warning to San Francisco of Coming Earthquake

Sunday May 16th 2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

This afternoon, while resting, I had a disturbing prophetic dream concerning San Francisco.

I dreamt and saw the city of San Francisco violently shaking under a severe earthquake near the bay where the Golden State Bridge is. Many houses and land was thrown into the bay including severe damage to the bridge.

Saturday May 15th, my wife Tiffany saw and had the same exact dream, she saw a violent earthquake strike San Francisco impacted the bay areas including the bridge.

Last Month I had several dreams concerning earthquakes and volcanic actively where the Lord showed me, through the texts of Exodus 19 of Mount Sinai, and that both war and natural disasters would increase during the Month of May coinciding with Israel and Jewish festivals:



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