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The Room 2 Part Series| The North East Coast Prophecies, Why We DON’T Celebrate Halloween

Baxter Hotel “Ocean View Hotel” 160 116th Street Rockaway Beach NY

Why We DON'T Celebrate Halloween, The Room Part | The North East Coast Prophecies

In this special 2-part series, Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson, shares a horrifying tell from his new book "The North East Coast Prophecies" revealing sinister evil acts tied to Halloween which launched his prophetic journey into the North East Coast Prophecies.

Part 1

Part 2

-Tiffany's "Monster Scar"

Tiffany’s “Monster Scar”

Tiffany & Brandon’s engagement (birthday party)

Tiffany’s babtism in the dunk tank

Tiffany’s 2012 Brain Surgery - unresponsive for 45 minutes

Pastor Garry Patrylo Jr. after a fire accident, just days before Hurricane Sandy



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