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Prophetic Word Jewish Hebrew year 5780 (2020) "Year of the Mouth"

Prophetic Word Jewish New Year 5780/2020 "Year of Pey(Mouth)"

The letter Pey is the 17th letter of the Aleph-Bet, having the numeric value of 80. The pictograph for Pey resembles a mouth.

There is also a "hidden Bet" within the letter Pey and is requried when a Torah scribe writes Torah scrolls.

The word Peh/Pey means "mouth" and by extension, "word," "expression," "vocalization," "speech," and "breath." In the order of the Hebrew alphabet, Pey follows the letter 'Ayin, suggesting the priority of the eyes before verbal expression.

Many Kabbalists claim that the letter Pey is composed of two other letters; Kaf and Yod. Since one of the meanings of Kaf is "container", it is suggested that the ltter Pey is a picture of the divine spark (Yod) of God within the soul (Kaf, understood as a container for the soul).

Since Pey/Peh(mouth) follows 'ayin (eye), certain Jewish mystics have maintained that through the 'ayin is the gateway to reality, the mouth is what brings reality into being. This is alluded to within the scriptures, especially when Gods creative activity (YHVH's Word) is considered. In fact, the Onkelos (Aramaic translation that dates back to the first century rendered the phrase, nefesh chaiyah ("a living soul") as ruach memalla ("a speaking spirit") in Genesis 2:7 God's speech (word) creates reality, and since man is made in the image of God, the sages reasoned that it was the power of speech and rationality that distinguished mankind from the lower animals that the LORD God created.

The inner space of the letter Pey reveals the letter Bet. Since the first word of scripture begins with an enlarged letter Bet, it is inferred that the invisible letter Pey represents the Word of God that created the heavens and the earth. In other words, the very first letter of the Scriptures is a picture that the 'Word' of God is the agency behind the entire universe.

A drash on the hidden Bet suggests that since Pey means mouth and Bet means home, what is spoken within the home is likewise spoken outside the home. In other words, our private conversation within our homes will reflect itself in our public life. Conversely, what we speak in public will also affect the quality of our life at home.

The letter Pey represents the number 17 and the number 80. The number 80 is the same value found in the words foundation and strength. This is also the age of Moses when he was called to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and seems to be indicative of a sign of strength in human life.

I firmly believe in 2020, 5780, we will see an alignment between heaven and earth. As Jesus told us "Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." I believe this holds both encouragement but also grave warning for the nations, and also the United States.

The Lord spoke a prophetic word March 5th 2019 that Judgement would fall upon the nation, the United States, for its passing of late term abortion within 1 year. Therefore we will see the literal the war occurring in the Spirit realm manifest physically bringing forth both judgement and outpourings of the Spirit in response to the battles being fought.

Likewise, 5780/2020 will be the year of immense accountability for both the church and the world that will put us on path of repentance and retribution.

I also believe significant events will unfold over the nation surrounding Rosh Hashanah September of 2020 as we enter into 5781/2021 similar to the events of Jericho. Rosh Hashanah means "head of year" while Yom Teruah, literally means "day of shouting or blasting." Jericho was brought down by Israel on the 7th day of marching around the city ending with a loud shout and blasting of trumpets.

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

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