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NYC Prophetic Dream: NYC Engulfed In Flames

NYC Prophetic Dream: NYC Engulfed In Flames

Tuesday August 2nd 2022

Usually these dreams have been rare in occurrence for me where I would have one or two dreams once in 1 or 2 years. This is the 2nd dream within 7 days concerning NYC. 5 days ago, I saw the city bombarded with explosions and saw the Brooklyn Bridge destroyed. The increasing intensity and frequency of these dreams indicate we are getting closer to this prophecy being fulfilled.

Today, I dreamt I was on a ferry traveling towards lower manhattan where Wall St is located. It was evening and the sun had already set. As we approached the hudson bay (where the statue of Liberty is located) I could see the skyline of lower Manhattan completely engulfed in flames. In the dream, I was aware of previous prophetic dreams and words concerning NYC and I said to myself "it has finally happened".

I saw the city's government had completely collapsed and it was absolute terror throughout the city. I saw the bridges and tunnels had also collapsed. There were some who were robbing other people, I saw others who were kidnapping people and raping them, there were also others who were murdering people, it was complete terror throughout the entire NYC area.

Then I Woke.



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