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Prophetic Dream: Brooklyn Bridge Destroyed

Prophetic Dream: Brooklyn Bridge Destroyed

July 28th 2022

This dream follows the same path and pattern of the other dreams relating to NYC. If you have not read or watched that word visit: YOUTUBE:

I dreamt I was looking at the financial district of NYC where the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) stood. While I was observing the Freedom Tower I suddenly saw what resembled missiles or rockets raining down from the sky and began to impact lower Manhattan and destroyed the Freedom Tower (along with many other buildings and surrounding areas). Massives fires and explosions began to break out. From there, many people attempted to flee the city by the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is also located near the lower part of Manhattan connecting to the financial district. While people attempted to flee by the Brooklyn Bridge I also saw rockets had hit the bridge and had destroyed the bridge along with the Freedom Tower. Then I saw many people were able to flee the city by crossing the Manhattan bridge. The manhattan bridge was also damage but not destroyed so that others could still cross the bridge. Then I woke.

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