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Prophetic Vision Dollar Plummets And Russia Progresses

I was watching the war in Ukraine and observing the United States and the western Nato allies continue to provide financial military aid to Ukraine, and I was pondering the outcome of the war. How long the war will last and who would win the war.

As I was thinking about this, I heard a voice say to me me "watch what will happen".

Then, as I was observing the war in Ukraine I suddenly saw the value of the US Dollar and currency began to plummet greatly impacting the US and the Western Nato Allies in Europe.

I turned to the middle east and Asia and saw major oil deals being done in other currencies favoring other nations and their currencies. I didn’t see which countries in specific but I had the foreknowledge that the OPEC countries and Saudi Arabia shifted away from the United States, completely undoing the original deals that were made in the 70’s.

As I watched the value of the US Dollar and currency plummet, I then saw the economies and currencies in the European Nato countries began to fall as well. When this happened, I saw the United States and the western NATO allies could no longer financially support the military assistance to Ukraine.

When this happened, I saw the war in Ukraine with Russia progress aggressively and Ukraine began to run out of supply and military aid causing the war to shift in Russia's favor. This put the nations in great distress, and I suddenly remembered another vision I had within that vision, where I saw and heard a woman crying out for help in great distress but I did not know who the woman was or where she was. When I called out to her and I asked her where she was I suddenly saw her take out a 1 dollar US bill and she wrote on it with a permanent black marker, “PARIS” and then I woke.



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