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Prophetic Warning to Paris, France

Prophetic Warning to Paris, France

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

Thursday, May 20, 2021 My wife Tiffany had a dream concerning Paris, France.

In that dream she said she saw the city of Paris engulfed in flames and smoke. She did not see what caused it or who caused it. She said the news headlines on the tv read, "Attack on Paris" and said the news also mentioned Milan, Italy. She did not see the city of Milan other than it being mentioned along side with Paris.

When my wife woke from her dream she heard in the spirit someone talking and speaking the words Paris and Milan, that was all.

Friday May 21, 2021 I also had a dream concerning Paris. I dreamt and saw a women who was in great distress but was unable to speak. In an attempt to call out for help she took out a single US dollar and wrote on it with a black permanent marker the word "Paris". and then I woke.

I was unaware of my wife's dream. When I shared with her the dream I had she then proceeded to tell me she also had a similar dream concerning Paris.

Just 10 days ago, May 10th 2021, I had a dream concerning England where I also saw a women present. In that dream a sword appeared before the women in which a man told me was an English Sword. I later interpreted the dream to mean war coming to Europe. I do not know if the two dreams are related.

It is unclear at this time if both of these dreams are indefinite, meaning disastrous events will indeed strike or if these dreams are merely warnings. I have not had any other inside revelations concerning the nations in Europe other than the events unfolding between Israel and the Palestinians, which concern all the nations of the earth according to Joel chapter 3.

This coming Wednesday May 26th there will be a rare super blood moon lunar eclipse occurring over the western hemisphere of the nation. According to the Bible, in Joel 3, a blood moon represents a grave warning to the gentile nations in connection to Israel.

The last blood moon to occur was January 20th of 2019 in which the US put forward a two-state solution peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians that would have divided up parts of the West Bank to a Palestinian state. March 5th 2019 I put forward a grave prophetic warning the Lord spoke to me concerning the US that disaster would strike within 1 year do to those events. March 11th 2020 COVID19 was declared a global pandemic.



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