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Prophetic Dream Warning "Lilith the Destroyer is Coming"

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Lilith the Destroyer is Coming

Prophetic Vision September 25th 2020

I had a vision. I was inside of a large house and it was in the middle of the night. There were many rooms within this house. Within each room were various households who were “Christians”. Everyone was asleep except for me.

I was standing in the main living area of this house directly in front of the main entry way of this house. it was completely pitch black and there were no lights on. In previous dreams, a house has symbolized to me the nation. Then suddenly without warning, a large black dog with red glowing eyes appeared before me. It didn't enter through the door but was stranding directly in front of it inside the house.

the dog than began to speak to me, and it was speaking in a foreign language that I did not understand. It kept repeating the same message over and over to me.

I was frightened and terrified. I then lifted a prayer for deliverance, protection, and safety.

As I was praying, an angel of the Lord appeared before me and banished the dog.

As the angel said to me, “do not be afraid”. I then asked the angel what the message was the dog had spoken. The angel then said to me the dog and it's message was a warning to the nation saying "prepare the way, Lilith the destroyer is coming.”

Than I woke.

I believe the dream indicates something grave will come over the nation, and since darkness and night represents deception, a great deception will possibly occur over the nation that will be a sign of coming trials and tribulations to the nations at an hour and in a manner no one will expect. We must be diligent, in prayer, and with great discernment be watchful for things to come, especially with the elctions occurring within a few months.



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