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Prophetic Vision Warning "Lilith the Destroyer is Coming"

I had a terrible vision Friday night September 25th:

It was in the middle of the night and everyone was asleep. Then a demon appeared before me in the form of a dog and spoke to me. It was a black dog in shape of a wolf. It’s eyes gleared with red at me. It stood before me and said to me “prepare the way, prepare the way, for Lilith the destroyer is coming.” I knew it to be a demonic harbinger and I believed it’s warning. 3 other angels came to me and confirmed its message. A destroyer is being called up upon the nation. Then I suddenly went and tried to wake the other believers and Christians who were asleep. They became angry at me that I woke them up and they went back to sleep. Others refused to believe me and would not wake. Then I woke from the vision.

I do not know a lot about the demonic being Lilith but according to Jewish mysticism it is related to child sacrifice as well as sexual impurity. However, in this vision it was called the destroyer.

President Trump is about to nominate his 3rd Supreme Court Justice many to believe will be Amy Barret speculated to be a strong advocate of religious liberty and prolife. I have seen in other vision's destruction in places like NYC but I do not know what caused it.

Either case, as Christians, Jesus has called each of us to be awake and alert, watchful and attentive to the times in order that we are not mislead, deceived, nor destroyed prepared for His brilliant 2nd coming. Be in prayer, be watchful, and be mindful. Guard your hearts and keep on the full armor of God!

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

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