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Prophetic Vision Warning "Lilith the Destroyer is Coming" 9/25/2020

Lilith the Destroyer is Coming

Prophetic Vision September 25th 2020

I had a vision. I was inside of a large house and it was in the middle of the night. There were many rooms within this house. Within each room were various households who were “Christians”. Everyone was asleep except for me.

I was standing in the main living area of this house directly in front of the main entry way of this house. Suddenly, a large black dog with red glowing eyes appeared before.

It began to speak to me, and it was speaking in an ancient foreign language that I did not understand. It kept repeating one phrase over and over.

I was frightened and terrified. I then lifted a prayer up to the Lord God for deliverance, protection, and safety.

As I was praying an angel of the Lord appeared before me brilliant in sight and banished the dog.

As the angel of the Lord then said to me, “do not be afraid”. I then asked the angel what the message was the dog had spoken. The angel of the Lord then said to me “the message you heard is true. Prepare the way, Lilith the destroyer is coming.”

The angle of the Lord then left me. I then went from room to room throughout the entire house attempting to wake up other believers and Christians to tell them to prepare and get ready for Lilith the destroyer is coming along with destruction.

No one would listen to me. Many of them became angry and annoyed with me and went back to sleep. I then woke from the dream/vision.

I firmly believe Lilith the destroyer is a sign symbolizing a woman “Kamala Harris” and at the appointment or election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris signals destruction upon parts of the nation of the United States will soon to follow in connection to the prophetic word spoken to me by the Lord March 5th 2019 in reference to Judgement for the passing of late term abortion in NY/NYC.

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians


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