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Lilith Chains and Hands Dream

(Watch Video Message Below)

Lilith Chains and Hands Dream

November 23, 2021 Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians

Last night, Monday November 22nd, I had a dream. I was inside of a living room of a house and there arose from a bottomless pit a demonic women who was still bound, chained, and shackled to the pit. It was the same being I have seen in previous other visions relating to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. ( see references here: ) I saw around her men who represented government and government agencies who were wearing black suits and ties. They were not doing anything other than being present. And then I saw two hands, a left and right hand. The women then attacked the left hand crushing 4 of the fingers on the left hand. While observing the fingers of the left hand, out of the 4 fingers that were completely crushed, two of the four fingers were severed completely from the hand. I saw the pointer finger on the left hand severed from the joint connecting to the hand and the ring finger severed half way from the middle joint of the finger. Then I woke.

Upon prayer I received the revelation or meaning of the dream from the Holy Spirit:

The woman is the demonic being Lilith the destroyer, who has been seen and prophesied about concerning coming destruction and is connected to the government of the United States - the White House. The two hands represent the 2 different party systems: the right hand being the Republicans and the left hand being the Democrats. The 4 fingers that were crushed on the left represent 4 democratic/liberal cities that will be crushed/destroyed they are: NYC, Washington D.C, Baltimore, and Boston. Out of the 4 fingers/cities that are crushed 1 of them will be completely destroyed and will never be rebuilt or inhabited again. That city is NYC. The second finger - the ring finger - that was severed half way is Washington D.C. Half of the city will be destroyed and not be rebuilt while the other half will remain. Though half of the city will remain, it will not ever reach the full power it once had over the states or the world. The left hand, being the political party of the democrats, liberals, and progressives, though still exist it will loose it's sense of touch and the ability to grip the power it once had.

2 nights ago, Sunday November 21st, I also had a vision and heard a voice of a woman speaking saying, "I release you and unbind you". I believe the voice I heard was a voice of one of the arch angels in relation to the dream I just received last night concerning Lilith the Destroyer.

-Brandon Dawson, Tribe of Christians



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