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Prophetic Warning: The Lightning War

Watch or read this word below:

Prophetic Word & Warning: The Lightning War

(Friday September 23rd 2022)

At approximately 5AM Friday morning, September 23rd 2022, I heard a female voice call out my name 2 times. I quickly went back to sleep but upon the 2nd time, after hearing my name called, I also heard the word "Lightning" spoken. My wife also woke up and heard the voice calling my name also hearing the word "Lightning" spoken. Nothing else was said and that was all.

My wife and I spent that entire weekend, and weeks following, in prayer and in search for information revealing not only who the voice belonged to but also the meaning of the word that was spoken to me. I was unable to discover any revelations concerning that word until 11 days later on this evening (12AM Wednesday October 5th 2022)...

I came across a WW2 daily troop timeline video concerning Germany's invasion into Poland and surrounding territories:

In that video, a headline read "Germany justifies invasion into Poland as a liberation." The word "liberation" stood out to me. Liberation is the same word Russia has used to justify their invasion into Ukraine Donbas Regions. This is following the same pattern Nazi Germany used to invade Poland. I then came across this article concerning Germany's invasion into Poland:

I was suddenly shocked in complete revelation into this article that I nearly fell out of my seat at what I found. Just three sentences revealed everything I needed to know:

"Despite fighting tenaciously and inflicting serious casualties on the Germans, the Polish army was defeated within weeks. The world adopted a new term to describe Germany’s successful war tactic: Blitzkrieg, or “lightning war.” The tactic consisted of staging a surprise attack with massive, concentrated forces of fast-moving armored units supported by overwhelming air power. "

The Holocausts Encyclopedia elaborates on this further:

"Blitzkrieg," a German word meaning “Lightning War,” was Germany’s strategy to avoid a long war in the first phase of World War II in Europe. Germany's strategy was to defeat its opponents in a series of short campaigns.

Germany quickly overran much of Europe and was victorious for more than two years by relying on this new military tactic of "Blitzkrieg." Blitzkrieg tactics required the concentration of offensive weapons (such as tanks, planes, and artillery) along a narrow front. These forces would drive a breach in enemy defenses, permitting armored tank divisions to penetrate rapidly and roam freely behind enemy lines, causing shock and disorganization among the enemy defenses. German air power prevented the enemy from adequately resupplying or redeploying forces and thereby from sending reinforcements to seal breaches in the front. German forces could in turn encircle opposing troops and force surrender.

Germany successfully used the Blitzkrieg tactic against

  • Poland (attacked in September 1939)

  • Denmark (April 1940)

  • Norway (April 1940)

  • Belgium (May 1940)

  • the Netherlands (May 1940)

  • Luxembourg (May 1940)

  • France (May 1940)

  • Yugoslavia (April 1941)

  • Greece (April 1941)"

So far, the word "lightning" can hardly describe Russia's invasion into Ukraine. Russia's invasion has been extremely long, drawn out, and slow moving. Russia has had every opportunity and advantage that could have ended this war quickly, but as Putin has stated, Russia has used strong "reservation" and "restraint". My suspicion for Russia's reasoning behind this has always been "delay and distract technique" in order to deplete the US and Western alliances of their finances, equipment, and resources while it waits for the most advantage opportunity and alliances to present themselves. It is as if the war has not even begun yet and they are waiting for something much greater.

Germany's tactic was to "buy time" to build up it's military and fire power under the disguise of "false peace treaties" to prevent the allied forces from suspecting and implementing a pre-emptive attack. And when Germany finally gained the necessary military and fire power, along with securing other alliances, it attacked while Japan pre-emptively attacked the US at Pearl Harbor on the Pacific front. When Germany attacked, it was quick and fierce.

I now believe the word I heard is in direct connection to WW2 and the tactics used by Nazi Germany describing the speed in which Nazi Germany was able to move and conquer majority of Europe. I also believe this word is a dire and grave warning of a coming WW3 surprise blitz attack upon the US and Europe from Russia, which may also include China and several other Persian (Iran) and Eastern Asian nations that have endeavored to align closely with Russia (B.R.I.C.S). It is possible while the entire eyes of the world are focused on Russia, like Japan, China may very well be preparing it's pre-emptive strike against the US. However, rather than repeating an attack on the Western strongly positioned Pacific Fronts, the attack may come unexpectedly come from either the south Atlantic )near the Panama Canal) or off the North Eastern Coast of the US targeting NYC and Washington D.C - our nations economic, military, and government capitols. Russian submarines have proved capable of eluding US and NATO detection, even right upon the US's own waters.

As of the female voice I heard, May 10th of 2021, I was given a prophetic vision:

May 10th 2021,

"I saw the Lord standing behind a water font. In front of Him was a mass of people and I was next to the Lord. Then I saw the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, appear before the water font. She did not appear in age as she is now but a younger form of herself. The Lord then told the Queen to cup her hands into the water font and scoop out water into her hands(forming a cup). Then the Lord told me to look into the water that was in her hands and tell him what I saw.

I saw a sword. He said to me “you have seen correctly”. I did not understand so I asked the Lord it's meaning? He told me “the sword is an English Sword representing war that will be brought against England and Europe”. Then I woke.

The female voice I heard, I believe was the voice of Queen Elizabeth II, the one in the vision I had on May 10th of 2021 whom recently passed away, and was given the message and warning to give to me about what is coming.

I also believe we may very well see a pre-emptive attack against the US in the months between October - December of this year. I don't know exactly what they are waiting on, it could be a financial downfall of the US, it could be on final closing agreements between China or other nations, it could be pre-emptive of a stronger conservative midterms results, I do not know exactly yet. However, I have every reason to believe something catastrophic is certain and on its way.



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