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Warning Prophetic Dream Economy/Inflation/Debt Ceiling

Prophetic Warning about the US Debt Ceiling/ Government Funding/ US Economy

Monday Night November 15th 2020,

I saw a house. Like previous visions I have had, the house has always symbolized (within borders/walls/confounds of security) the nation. In example, Last September I had a vision and was inside of a house and it was in the middle of the night and I was warned “Lilith the destroyer is coming”. This was later revealed to me to signify the 2020 elections and the appointment of Kamala Harris. (see:

Also, like previous visions in connection to the NE Coast, it was near Christmas time and the holidays (November - December). The house was a 1 story house and there were massive expansions taking place (i.e., expanding the walls and interior, adding rooms and hallways etc.). However, there were no support beams in place and the expansions cause the roof to collapse. When the roof began to collapse it wasn't all at once, it began at the back of the house and was caving in from the back and moving towards the front of the house very quickly. This gave a small amount of time for people to escape out the front door. Those who were not paying attention and did flee out of the house were trapped/buried underneath the collapsing roof. Then I woke.

Although this dream can have several interpretations/meanings this is how I perceived it to mean:

1). The House symbolizes the nation. A house consists of a foundation, walls, rooms, doors, ceiling and is connected to internal (personal) and external (social) status/security.

2) The roof symbolizes the financial capabilities/or limits of the nation. Since the house is only a 1 story building and the roof was not expanded, I interpret this to mean although a debt ceiling may be raised it’s only limited to the “size” or “height” of the building.

3) The Walls represent borders, security, and infrastructure. If the nation’s current governmental administration continues to proceed with its current open border policies and to expand its infrastructure (walls/depth) the “roof” will become vulnerable and will not be able to sustain the weight and will collapse. The walls and length of the inside interior of a house are also only limited to the size, height, and width of the roof.

4) The timing of the dream (November of 2020) and within the dream (near Christmas time/holiday seasons) indicates events will transpire/manifest starting in November. Since the collapse began in the rear sections of the house – it will not be visible “upfront” but those in the back will have the responsibility to warn those who do not see the dangers.

5) There was an attempt to “rebuild” the house form within. Meaning “having the appearance” of the “same” house (outwardly/social/etc.) while trying to change it within (functionality/purpose/concealment). The outside external aspects of the house are only as good as the internal aspects of the house- vice versa – the internal aspects of the house are only as good as the external aspects of the house. You cannot expand or build on one without the other. To expand the roof, you must expand the support beams, foundation, and the walls – etc. To expand the inside, you must also expand the roof and the foundation. This can also symbolize the two-party system Republican/democrat. In the Bible, it is represented by the parable of the wheat and tares (the world vs the kingdom. Until the harvest comes they must coincide together. If they don’t both will be damaged!)

6) A roof can be replaced/rebuilt. Even an entire house can be rebuilt – although it can have the exact same layout, floor plan, and dimensions as the previous house it won’t be the original but can still serve as the original functionality.

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