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Prophetic WARNING Concerning Russia, Iran, & Rising Demonic Principality of Persia.

Over the past several days I began to receive some very eerie and alarming spam phone calls from the nation of Iran that follows a very similar pattern that has happened to me before.

June of 2017 I began receiving spam phone calls from the CDC in which the Holy Spirit revealed to me a revelation concerning a coming major plague. You can view/read that word here:

After praying for insight concerning the Iran phone calls, I then discovered a major alarming headline relating to a prophetic vision and word our ministry put out concerning BOTH RUSSIA, IRAN, AND PRINCIPALITY OF PERSIA (the same one Daniel encountered) that was published to our site on May 5th 2022.

In that vision and word, the Lord revealed there would be an unsuccessful assignation attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin that would come from within his inner circle but would be orchestrated by the United States and the FBI that would result in the -re-strengthening of Russia:

"I saw major hostilities towards Americans and the United States. While seeing this I also saw an attempted coup to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin from within his own people or inner circle that was directed by the United States and the FBI but was unsuccessful. The attempted coup resulted in the strengthening of Vladimir Putin."

In that same vision I saw Iran and the principality of Persia with Russia in which Russia had advanced greatly against Ukraine resulting in major balances of power in the world and in Europe shifting in a grave threat to the United States.

Now, according to several reports, headlines from September 16th 2022 reads: "Russian President Vladimir Putin Survives Assassination Attempt"

"According to to the account on the Telegram channel, the left front wheel of Mr Putin's limousine was hit by a loud bang, Euro Weekly reported, adding that the car was quickly driven to safety even as smoke emerged out of it.

The Russian President was unharmed in the in the incident, but the outlet said that a number of arrests have been made.

Other news outlets like also reported about the incident, saying that Mr Putin was travelling back to his official residence in a decoy motorcade amid security concerns.

"On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, the second escort car drove around without stopping (due to the) sudden obstacle, and during the detour of the obstacle," according to an update on posted on channel as reported by the outlet.

This comes a week after a group of politicians from St Petersburg appealed to the State Duma to bring charges of state treason against Mr. Putin and strip him of power, citing a series of reasons including Russia's military losses in Ukraine and the damage to its economy from Western sanctions.

Post a comment. Another local deputy said 65 municipal representatives from St Petersburg, Moscow and several other regions had signed a petition she published on Monday calling for Putin's resignation."

If the vision is true and comes from the Lord, and if the revelation is true concerning Iran, this indicates major escalations and shifts are about to unfold concerning Russia, Europe, Iran, and China leading to a massive attack against the US and the NE Coast of the US (NYC, Washington D.C, Boston, and Baltimore) and the beginning of WW3.



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