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The Call 4 Part Series: The North East Coast Prophecies

Join Brandon on this special 4-part exclusive series featuring readings from his new book "The North East Coast Prophecies." In this special 4 part series Brandon unveils the profound personal experiences he encountered in his divine calling from the Lord revealing a unique perspective and insight unlike any other. You will be submerged in the profound genesis that shaped and catapulted His prophetic mission into the nation and its northeast coast, a profound experience ensured to inspire and encourage the very real hope of Christ in every listener.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

View The Actual Photos Entailed From The Book Here:

View 4 Part Series “The Call” Readings of Chapters 1 – 3 & Chapter 6 of The North East Coast Prophecies Book here:

View Part 1 Here:

View Part 2 Here:

View Part 3 Here:

View Part 4 Here:

View 2 Part Series “The Room” Readings of Chapters 4 & 5 of North East Coast Prophecies Book here:

Part 1 Here:

Part 2 Here:

The Camper Brandon Lived In When God Called Him, Amarillo TX 01/2014

The Stool At Brandon's Job He Sat for 8 hours a day as a security guard for $9.50 per hour

Brandon At The Denver Colorado Airport Lay Over For New York City April 14th 2015

Trinity Fellowship Church Founded by Pastor Jimmy Evans Amarillo, Texas

90 Day Tithe Challenge From Trinity Fellowship Church Still Exist Today On Their Website

Mens Outing From Faith City Mission Homeless Shelter Amarillo TX



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