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Prophetic Dream: WW3, Chines Join Russian Troops Invasion into Ukraine!

Prophetic Vision: WW3, Chinese and Russian Troops invading Ukraine!

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Written form of Dream/Video:

It started on a beach, I was on a beach and it was around dusk just before sunset. I was looking around on the beach it I saw amulets and iron pieces laying all over the beach - it reminded me of WW2in Normandy when we stormed the beaches.

There were iron crosses all over the place.

As I walked up further up the beach I suddenly began to heard the sounds of hundreds of planes. So I looked up and I saw hundreds of military styled cargo planes, the onese that are very similar to what our military uses like the C120’s and C-17’s. I am an army veteran and I was airborne, I jumped out of both a c-17 and a c-120 so I know exactly what they look like and what they sound like. These are the kind of planes that carried troops and among these planes I saw helicopters, not similar to the ones the United States use they were different but they are equipped for transporting troops as well.

I turned to look and see if I could see any identifying markers on the tail of the planes that would tell me who they were or which country they were coming from and I saw the Russian flags on the tails of the planes. They were carrying troops and there were parachuting out of the planes.

I continued to walk further in past the beach and came into a city, the sun had now set and it was dark. In the city I saw a lot of people. They were walking about normally unaware of the planes or the troops that had parachuted out. I also wanted to know what area I was in so I looked around to observed the people and the place much more carefully and I saw a few Ukrainian military personnel and realized that I was in Ukraine.

My take is, this was an area that was unsuspected of any Russian invasion – I didn’t see any evidence a war had occurred in this city. But it would be a city that is near the black sea.

Then suddenly, there was began a panic as troops had made their way into the city and civilians began to panic and flee because Russian soldiers had entered the city. At this I did not run, I honestly just didn’t have enough time to escape so I kneeled down, put my hands up, lowered my head, and surrounded to the troops. There were a few others who had surrendered as well.

Then soldiers approached and asked me if I spoken English. I thought that was kind of odd but I supposed they recognized that I was American so I looked up to talk to the soldier and When I looked up I was completely shocked to see that it was not just Russian troops but I saw Chinese troops were with them and the Chinese were interpreting for the Russians.

The Chinese had invaded with the Russian troops further into Ukraine.

At this I had woke up. But when I woke up, I woke up into a 2nd vision.

In the second vision, I was attending services at our church. While I was sitting in the auditorium I overheard a group of people talking and one of the persons were talking about a dream they had about Chinese and Russian troops invading Ukraine.

So I rushed over to the person and asked them to tell me what they saw in which they revealed they had seen the same exact thing that I saw. They even asked me certain details about my vision concerning the planes if it was hundreds or thousands – and from the looks of it – honestly I wouldn’t know what a 1,000 planes would look like – it could have been but from what I saw it was hundreds – but the person had revealed they had the same vision that I had.

Now something else interesting I noted about the vision, when I was in the second vision attending church services, I was also working in our youth ministries and I saw that the kids were back in school – but it was still hot out and the pools were still open cause I saw pool parties occurring – indicating a time frame of this dream suggesting August or even September.

And then I woke.

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