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Prophetic Warning: Nuclear Attack Dream

Prophetic Words & Visions Referenced In This Video:

1) Joe Biden Resignation Vision November 2nd 2021:

2) Kamala Harris “Lilith” Prophetic Vision September 26th 2020:

Kamala Video Broadcast January 31st 2023:

November 8th 2022 Blood Moon Warning Kamala Harris:

Lilith prophetic visions & Drams:

Kamala Weaponization against Christian schools & children:

3) November 23rd 2020 Vision of Economic Collapse:

Banking Collapse broadcast video March 14th 2023:

July 19th 2022 economy prophetic dream video broadcast:

4) April 15th 2022 vision of dollar plummeting/Russian Ukraine War/ OPEC deals:

OPEC and Biblical Prophecy October 8th 2022 video broadcast:

Saudi Arabia & Israel antichrist peace deal

5) March 11th 2019 Prophetic Word Judgement coming to Nation (beginning within 1 year):

NYC Prophetic dreams/visions video broadcast:

11:59 Vision warning war coming with China:

May 17th 2021 vision war coming with China “Wednesday the 19th” :


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Not able to see video on the nuclear attack

Brandon Dawson
Brandon Dawson
26 de ago. de 2023
Respondendo a

It is published on our YouTube channel:

And also our podcast channel:


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